Digital communication using Open source technologies

Web Bay relies exclusively on Enterprise Open Source technologies when creating websites and mobile applications: TYPO3 CMS, Java and Wordpress.
This lowers investment cost, makes it future-proof and flexible. Our development process is based on Agile methodology which reduces complexity and delivers results in short cycles.
Being specialised is what makes us unique - our team has extensive experience with the needs of EU associations and international organisations.

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TYPO3 Content management system

TYPO3 is an Open Source Enterprise Content Management System especially convenient for international organisations and corporate websites. Its limitless scalability and proven performances make it an essential digital tool for business success and future growth.
TYPO3 CMS is meeting marketing challenges with seamless integration into digital marketing strategy. It enables creation of structured content and clear separation between media content and visual presentation throughout different communication channels. Thus ensures effective multisite, multilingual and cross-device content management.
TYPO3 provides effective workflows that empower in-house staff on a daily basis.

TYPO3 Content Management System

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Everything you need for a successful website
Communication with Web Bay is fast and reliable. Everything you need for a successful website

What makes Web Bay special

At Web Bay we want to grow together with our clients and provide continuous service and support. Our company culture is customer centric.

Our headquarters are only one or two hours' flight away from most of EU cities. Thus in-person meetings are easy to arrange no matter the client's location.

Web Bay dedicates a great deal of time and care to testing and QA processes.

Before each delivery, Web Bay staff will conduct intensive testing of all features. This way we ensure that none or minimal amount of issues are presented once project is delivered. Moreover, it allows the client to focus on new software usage and next steps instead of spending time finding bugs and problems. Such approach allows us to move forward easily and significantly reduce time to market.

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