How are you today?

Not bad, how are you?


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How are you today?

Not bad, how are you?


The "Artizan" association is an association of

  • art historians,
  • artists,
  • cultural workers
  • and other citizens.

It was founded at the end of 2019 with the aim of contributing to the improvement of cultural and artistic life in Vlasotince and beyond.

Since its founding until today, they have organized two collective and several solo exhibitions of young artists from Vlasotince and Jablanica district. In this way, they helped young artists and drew public attention to their work.

Back to the roots

Back to the roots is the first project / exhibition of the Artisan association, which aims to highlight the values ​​of contemporary art of young, quality artists (who are more or less attached to the "roots" of Vlasotince fertile soil) and encourage their fruitful work.

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Warmth of the South

The second collective exhibition organized by the Association "Artisan", called "Warmth of the South", which is a continuation of the project "Back to the roots", was opened in the Gallery of the Cultural Center Vlasotince. These are the works of seven young artists from Vlasotince and Leskovac: Ana Petrović, Jovana Đorđević, Aleksandar Radičević, Sasa Cvetković, Jovan Spasić, Aleksandar Spasić, Marko Serafimović and Stefan Petrović.

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